I grew up in a Christian home, but as I grew up, I wandered from faith and stop attending Church. Years rolled by and I got deep in iniquity until my colleague in the office gave me a book – “Mightily Oppressed, But Mightily Delivered” by Pastor David Komolafe. Initially, I had no plan of reading it. I wanted to get rid of it but changed my mind by glancing at the pages of the book. Then, I got caught up with it and started reading through the pages. I read up to fifty pages before going to bed. I read it through my journey the next day to wok. Before getting to work that day, I repented of my sins and made commitment to serve the Lord. I’m now born-again, Holy Ghost filled. I promise the Lord not to look back again even as I trust on His grace.

L. O.
Oshawa, Ontario

I connected to the prayer-line from South Africa. I have been out of job for three year. It’s hard and difficult with no help. I got on the prayer-line this faithful day and the Lord made it my day. There was a Word of Knowledge – You’ve been out of job for a while, by this time next week, by the grace of God, your situation will change for good with a good job”. Truly, to the glory of God, I was called for an interview the following Tuesday and called to start work on Thursday. I joined the prayer0line the next Friday with a testimony of good job. I wish the Pastor can hear me screaming and shouting on the prayer-line. Thanks be to God for honoring His Word in my life.V. J.

V. J.
South Africa

I reside in London, England. I became sick and was admitted to a London Hospital. A friend of mine came to visit me very late at night in the hospital. He told me that he would stay overnight to connect to a prayer-line in Canada which runs from 3:00am – 4:00am, London time. The phone was on speaker as we both prayed along. Then the Word of Knowledge from the Pastor, “you’re on hospital bed, connected with this prayer-line, the hand of God is upon you to heal you, and you’re healed, now in Jesus name,” My friend and I both shouted “AMEN”. I felt the touch of God and drastic improvement began. I was discharged within the next two days. Thanks be to God for His healing grace upon me.

M. U.
London, England