Thanks be to God for the salvation of my mother. I got born-again eighteen years ago. My mother was against my conversion and she persecuted me. I’ve been praying for her salvation. I had almost given up until she called me and shared her testimony of salvation. She’s full of the Holy Spirit and enjoying the grace of salvation.

Etobicoke, Ontario

Thank God for breaking me free from generational bondage. In my family, women don’t marry. But thanks be to god for breaking me free. I am joyfully married now to the glory of God.

Toronto, Ontario

Thanks be to God for touching my life during the 21 Days of Strategic Praying of 2011. My special request was that God in His mercies, would grant me grace to conceive and bear children after eight years of unfruitfulness, and God granted me my request with a baby boy. Praise God!

K. A.
Brampton, Ontario

I lost my job four years ago and I found it difficult to secure another. I have been in and out of job, no job stability. I joined the School of Prophets organized by Above All Christian Gathering. My revelatory gifts got sharpened. To the glory of God, the same company where I lost my job from four years ago, called me back and re-employed me. This time with a better offer. To God be the glory.

L. A.
Maple, Ontario

I thank God for my thirty-two year old son, whom God healed of asthma attack. He developed asthma attack at the age of twelve and it got worse as he grew up. He has suffered major sever attacks – near death, but God intervened. His healing miracles began during the Fifty-Two Days of Nehemiah Prayer and Fasting, a fasting program for ― Repairing the Ruins, organised by Above All Christian Gathering. At day nine – “Silencing Persistence Enemies”, as I was praying in my living room, the family photo album fell from the top of the furnance place. It opened to page showing the picture of a sick child with oxygen mask on his face. This wasn’t my child, neither was he anybody I know. My question was, “who put this picture in my family album?” As I pulled it out for closer look, there was another picture under it, my son’s picture playing in the park. It dawned on me that the sick person’s picture overlaid on my son’s picture was to program the spirit of infirmity on my child. At this time of discovering the picture, my son was on admission at the hospital. I called Pastor David and he explained to me that the power of prayer broke down the stronghold and that God revealed the root of the attack. The Pastor prayed further with me. Several months have passed and my son has not suffered asthma attack. Praise God for healing him.

J. S.
Thornhill, Ontario