I got married to a loving man and we had a son together. Suddenly, things went sour and we separated for twelve years; with no hope of reconciliation. The Holy Spirit began to work in his heart and mine. The wall of partition between us collapsed and our eyes opened to see things in light of Gospel Truth. The Peace of God flooded our soul and reconciliation was possible. We are now back as husband and wife to the glory of God with rekindled love.

Hamilton, Ontario

Few years ago, I was diagnosed with an health condition when I started noticing swelling legs, hair loss, excruciating muscle pain and extreme sensitivity to the sun. The result of the medical tests shows that my immune system is attacking my healthy cells, which affected my kidneys, lungs and blood vessels. The doctor prescribed several medications with serious side effects.

I trusted God and prayed. After a few months, the doctor ordered more medical tests, contrary to expectations, my condition has turned around. There was no further need for the medications. My body organs are functioning very well to the glory of God.

I am grateful to God for special prayers I received at ABOVE ALL CHRISTIAN GATHERING. Truly, God answers prayers and He showed me mercy.

Brampton, Ontario

I am thankful to God Almighty for granting me my heart’s desire, after a long wait to get married. Frankly speaking, my hope diminished after turning forty-three, but I thank God for the Holy Spirit encouraging and comforting me daily. During deliverance ministration at Above All Christian Gathering, Pastor David prophesized to me saying, “it shall come with ease and with great joy”. I did not doubt the words, but believed. Three months later, it came to pass. I am full of joy because God gave me the very best. Glory be to God for answered prayers. Praise God!

Etobicoke, Ontario

I am thankful for the life of my son. In his last year in high school, he dropped out and got into drugs. Every effort to get him back on track failed. Unusually he was never home on Sundays, but this faithful Sunday morning, I invited him to Church, thinking it would be a no, but he agreed to follow me. This was his turning point. He repented and God changed him. He is living a life that glorifies God now. Halleluyah!

Scarborough, Ontario

Thank God for the power of agreement, when my brethren prayed for my sick brother, who fell into coma and the team of physicians advised the family to prepare for his funeral within forty-eight hours. God came through for us and healed him. Three years has passed and he is well alive now to the glory of God. Praise God for His healing power.

Markham, Ontario