My deepest joy is the Grace of Salvation that I have in Christ Jesus and longing for my family to experience the same. In the past, both my parents had persecuted me for being a Christian but gave up on me after I got married. After many years of believing and trusting God, they are both believers in Christ Jesus now; serving the Lord with joy. I do appreciate the Grace of Salvation in my family. The same Gospel they had persecuted, they are now proclaiming, reaching out to others.

Brampton, Ontario

It was painful to me as a father to see my son dropped out of school. He lost interest and could not be persuaded to continue. The turning point was after he attended Above All Christian Gathering Youth Camp. I was glad to see positive changes in him and my rejoicing was full when he decided to go back to school. His return to school was like a scale fell from his eyes and he is doing very well now to the glory of God.

Toronto, Ontario

I was denied a position on my job and in my mind I saw it as my regular patten of rejection. It was painful because it was a very senior position. Somebody else was given the position. Two months passed and I gradually adjusted. Until one of the services in Above All Christian Gathering, the Pastor said, “ask from God what you feel is precious to you that once eluded you.” My job came to my mind and I requested God to bless me with a new better position. To the glory of God, while the prayer meeting was still going on, I got an email, which I checked, after the meeting. Lo and behold, it was from my office informing me of the same position in another department, if I’m interested. The next day, I signed the contract. By the grace of God, I am doing very well in my new position. Praise God!

Brampton, Ontario

Glory be to God for His healing power revealed in my husband. He was on the hospital bed for a few weeks and his condition was not improving. I connected to the Above All Christian Gathering Friday Prayer Line. He prayed along while in hospital bed and the healing began. At one point during the prayers, the Pastor through Word of Knowledge, said, “the healing power of God is upon somebody currently in the hospital now.” We both rejoiced and celebrated how God singled him out for miracle. Thank God, my husband is out of the hospital, healed and made whole now, in Jesus’ name.

Vancouver, BC

My husband and I bless God Almighty who showed us mercy by blessing us with a son after thirteen years of waiting. This is a miracle baby because the medical diagnosis indicated neither of us has the capacity to bringforth children. Thank God for Divine Intervention that stirred up the miracle. The Holy Spirit worked upon me and my husband and we both received grace to bear a son. Praise God!

Brampton, Ontario